Protein is a key building block in our bodies. It ensures that we grow strong, stay healthy and have energy. Protein supplements assist the body in doing so. Whether you are trying to build lean muscle or just need a filling, on-the-go breakfast, everyone from fitness pros to soccer moms can benefit from adding protein powder to their smoothies, shakes and morning coffee.


But, which protein supplement is best for you?


Protein supplements often rely on whey protein. However, there are many reasons why collagen protein, such as found in Collagen Support Products, is better for you!


Collagen has many benefits when it comes to fitness, health and wellness. Scientific studies and trials found that:


  • Collagen protein occurs naturally in the body.
  • Consuming Collagen protein at breakfast was 40% more satiating than whey and led to a reduced food intake by 20% for lunch.
  • Collagen protein offer a broader range of health benefits than whey.
  • Collagen is naturally unflavored, so it makes a great supplement to foods whereas whey is bitter and most often flavored with artificial flavors or added sugars that counteract your health goals.
  • Combining resistance training with collagen supplements led to the creation of more lean muscle than resistance training on its own.
  • Collagen Supplements help ease joint pain in athletes and improve athletic performance and recovery time.
    Collagen protein wins hands down!