Aging Pets and Joint Health

As with people, collagen is a vital protein in our pets’ bodies but it decreases with age. This can lead to many ailments and diseases. Collagen PetCare is a natural remedy for health conditions in aging pets.

Amongst many other benefits, Collagen PetCare improves Joint Health.
Hip dysplasia in dogs and cats is a form of degenerative arthritis and is extremely painful.
Osteoarthritis affects more than 20% of all dogs aged one year and older.

Pets are also susceptible to other forms of arthritis.
The good news is that arthritis can often be prevented and pets that already have it can get relief without taking drugs. Collagen PetCare is an effective and natural joint supplement that promotes collagen production in joints, decreases inflammation, eases pain and improves mobility and agility.

In a study conducted with 26 German Shepherds, the progression of lameness and growing difficulties to move ceased in all dogs with collagen supplementation. In 70% of the dogs, lameness could be decreased and the ability to move (getting up, climbing stairs) significantly improved.

In another study, the diet of more than 30 dogs was supplemented with collagen. Clear improvements in lameness, discomfort when getting up, sitting, and laying down as well as vitality were shown.
Collagen PetCare is made from collagen protein which is naturally broken down into active Basic Collagen Building Blocks. These building blocks promote the building of collagen protein in your pet’s joints and body.